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2 min readMar 23, 2022


With the relaunch of StrongHands Finance at Bibox today we can say one of the targets of Q1-Q3 roadmap is fully done!

Trade iSHND at Bibox: https://www.bibox.com/en/exchange/basic/ISHND_USDT

We want to thank all four exchanges for the major help through this process.

Do not forget we are going step by step observing the market tendencies and adding more resources for the first version of our products.


  • Now the next step is delivering the v.1 of our new website which will happen beginning of April;
  • Our bridge is already deployed in the testnet, the backend work is doing great with small issues to be solved and its interface under approval for integration and release, we had to do many modifications from original project to be unique and run smoothly for both beginners and advance users;
  • DEX is at advanced development stage and adequation to our new plans (we internally do not call it a DEX anymore by the way), many modifications were made from original request into something really attractive in order to make investors think twice before trading, very soon we will reveal more.

Please stay tuned to all our official social media to get the latest information and our communities on Telegram and Discord.

Thank you all for supporting us!



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