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3 min readMay 31, 2023


Hello Community,

In order to incentivize the creation of pools in our DEX, from the 1st to the 30th of June we are working with the community on this contest.

StrongHands DEX is gaining traction on social media. Our formula to pay stakes and reward liquidity providers is simple and innovative.

100% of trading fees are reverted directly to liquidity providers and $ISHND stakers due to our concentrated liquidity system. But we need to grow in liquidity, volume and marketing. We need more providers and investors to be shown in other great websites such as Dextools, Dexscreener and Dexview. They mostly request 50,000.00 USD daily volume as an option for swap to their big public. So good projects are welcome to make this journey something big and unique.

These are the rules for our first Bounty Contest.

1) Requests to Projects:

  • Project can easily create pools balancing two tokens as long it belongs to BNB Chain.
  • Project has to create a pool with ISHND being preferably purchased in our DEX at best and suitable price.
  • LP must be locked for at least 6 months using Team Finance lockings which is pretty simple to be done.
  • Has to have an $ISHND obligatory pair.
  • Minimum LP is $3,000.00 (50% value of each token)

2) Benefits to Projects:

  • Project will receive its logo in our DEX. Just fill up the listing form in our website: which is the only way to communicate with our team primarly.
  • Project will receive support of our social media: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram and Discord to get promotional art and boost trades like a real partnership, we can promote the projects many times;
  • Project can even supply coins to be distributed through airdrops to iSHND holders at zero cost. We will make big announcements in our media and channels.

3) Benefits to Bounty Hunters:

  • 10% of project purchase in iSHND back to the BH wallets from our marketing wallet (maximum of 100,000 $ISHND). TxID of $ISHND purchase and lock at Team Finance for minimum 6 months must be submitted.
  • 100 USDT bonus in the wallet informed as soon all requests on field #1 are done.
  • BH's will be eligible to receive a bonus in NEIKO airdrop at relaunch.

Observation 1 : Bounty Hunters will have to take care the whole process and show proof about the negotiation. Best way is to create a Telegram group with a member of StrongHands Team to make things clear after negotiation.

Observation 2: We will do this as experiment for the 15 new tokens listed, if successful we can amplify the program and make it perpetual.

Observation 3: There will be NO airdrop of $ISHND, only tokens provided by projects, so if anybody DMs you with any strange proposals, desconsider and block the scammer. There will be no refund for anyone who clicks or send tokens to any address expecting any advantage. Do not reveal your private keys or seedphrase by any circumstance. Do not send your $ISHND or other token to strangers.

Thanks for your support!

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