1. It is contract oriented. This means that every artist can have his/her own Smart Contract (SC), which enables the feature to move your artwork through all marketplaces out there, even OpenSea. Unlike other platforms you are not able to import your smart contract to other NFT platforms, once on OpenSea, you can never leave. Our NMP offers FREEDOM, you enter or leave whenever you want, since the SC is yours.
  2. You can choose to make use of the StrongHands Public SC, where you share your artwork with other Artist under the same contract.
  3. Because of these Features you will need WETH to mint, since the ETH chain does not have a SC of its own. You can sell listing in WETH, USDT and USDC.
  4. Your artwork will be visible to mint on other Partner MPs, like Greed and Pi Protocol. Partners are added on Weekly basis which will make your art visible to a larger audience besides the StrongHands MP.
  5. Soon we are adding Matic and BNB Chain to the StrongHands NFT Marketplace. Other chains are being studied too.
  6. We offer services for those with special needs, like creating Advanced Smart Contracts, creating artwork, 10K Collections or other preferences.




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StrongHands Blockchain

StrongHands Blockchain


A traditional community founded in 2015 made by people who are engaged to make cryptocurrency a new economy for everyone.