Dear Community, after the successful launch of the StrongHands Bridge, we came to bring you our NFT Marketplace which is already online for everyone who wants to buy, sell or create a collection of its own.

We at StrongHands like to do things differently and sometimes it does take time to find the best solution. After a good and long research, hardwork with our great developers and members, we have found the best solution for the best community, which is OUR COMMUNITY.

Once again we'd like to thank you from the bottom of our heart for your patience and believe in this project. After the big setback we have managed to crawl out of the ruins and entered the fields of victory.

Why our NFT Marketplace (NMP) is unique:


As a start of our works in our NFT project, we decided to internally design an initial 3D collection paying homages to our great Japanese community who are walking along us since we gathered to do the community takeover in 2017. They are very active on their own Discord and always supported us.

Manekis are part of Japanese culture and our SHND Japan Community once even registered and used the SHND Maneki-Neko marketing in Japan in many ways.

We called our mascot as Manekin-Neko since according to our japanese members it is a combination of Maneki-Neko (the lucky cat) plus "Kin" which means "muscle".

Many of our japanese members call StrongHands as "Muscle".

Many plans are ahead with this character and you will see it in other collection to be sold in our platform. Other applications and developments are in works.

We are very happy with this new great launch, it is a great step into something with many future possibilities.

NFTs are trending and became assets really important in the cryptoverse. We are now working on more features and usages, stay tuned to see more.

Thank you very much for your usual support :)

John Roël

StrongHands Project Manager

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