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2 min readDec 12, 2022


Dear Community,

It is a pleasure to inform that our Bridge is back to work so you can bridge your tokens from BNB Chain to Ethereum, Polygon or Tron and backwards.

Since we launched bridge in partnership development with Rock'n'Block we were observing many points to be considered in our backend and finally we improved most of them. Teams were working together and we did update relayers, validators and API's needed to make the blockchain work smoothly when transactions are done.

The important part is about the fees, we raised to 200iSHND per transaction and the minimum amount to 20,000iSHND since many people were spending gas with small transactions for little money. This is not actually the principle we imagined.

Great news is the implementation of BURN TAX.

Every transaction made in our bridge the fees will be burned lowering our tokens in circulation preparing the field to our DEX which is under final development and implementation.

At the beginning team will send tokens manually while we make more tests to do that automatically, so there will be relations with the burn system to be implemented with our DEX.

Please do not forget to follow us in our socials for more information, participate in our chats to exchange information with our team. It is the only source for reliable news.

The StrongHands Team



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